SPED 3312 SHSU Visual Schedule for A Child with Autism Visual Schedule

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The student is 8 years old

  • Based upon what you have learned about the person with a disability and their family, complete a visual schedule or routine prompt fitting for the person with a disability.
  • You can design this yourself OR if you find one that fits the rubric, you can use it.
  • The visual must be age appropriate (if the person is 16 years old, don’t use baby clip art!).
  • Select visuals so that they are clear. If the person can read, you may use written words and pictures.
  • Make sure the visuals are in the correct sequential order.
  • If the person needs high support, make the visuals photographs of someone doing the task. Otherwise, you can use clipart or black and white pictures.
  • Go to this weblink for a blog on how to set up routines.
  • https://blog.difflearn.com/2018/03/15/simplifying-morning-routine/ aminate the visual and submit it picture of it on Blackboard. This will be provided to the person or their parents.

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