SPED 3312 SHSU Accommodations General Education Classroom Worksheet

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  • On page 7 of the LRE brief above, the authors provide two cases of students with disabilities placed part time in the general education classroom.
  • Create a table or a chart for Hannah OR Robbie describing the accommodations or modifications you would make for the following activities.
    • The science lesson for Hannah and Robbie involves the study of Landforms. The curriculum standard requires that both students must identify and describe at least four different types of landforms (hills, mountains, valleys, plateaus, and plains).
    • On your chart, describe how you will accommodate for gaining information through reading for the student.
    • Next, describe the product that the student will turn in for a grade that demonstrates his/her understanding of at least 4 landforms.
    • Next, describe how you will change the way you teach or instruct the student so he/she understands the content.
    • Finally, design a short rubric that will help you assess the student’s product for their grade on landforms. (Basically, how will you grade the product)?

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