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Post about your experience so far in the course and how your social media campaign is going. Is it harder or easier than you expected? You must also respond to a minimum of two other students’ blog posts.

The social media campaign in on loot crate.

Please see attached document for more information on Loot Crate.

Reply 1:

David Hubbard

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

Now that I’m approaching the end of my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing (graduating in August 2020 if all goes to plan), I feel that I’m really getting to a point where I’m feeling comfortable with what is expected of me from an academic perspective. I find there are areas of marketing that I feel strong in i.e. creativity and design, yet weak in others i.e. statistics.

For this course “Social Media Campaign” more specifically, I feel my project on Tesla is coming along nicely and I’m learning some interesting facts along the way in how they approach marketing in terms of setting a ‘zero dollar’ marketing budget, yet make it work with a strong presence from Elon Musk (Tesla CEO) and a strong following on social media that has mostly evolved through ‘word of mouth’.

I have some ideas on who I want to make my target audience based upon demographic and psychographic style research I’ve collected. I believe I have some ideas on what platforms I can find my target audience on social media, and the approaches that could be effective in attracting consumers to buy Tesla’s products.

While I wouldn’t consider this course ‘easy’, I’m very relieved that the course feels ‘familiar’ and contains content that I’ve become fairly knowledgeable about in my recent years of studying with SNHU. Of course, I’m finding certain information useful – more specifically ROI (Return on Investment) and ‘Viral Marketing’ on social media. All in all though, with all the uncertainty surrounding us with the Coronavirus pandemic, I’m thankful I’m not struggling too much with the content and that I’m not having to dedicate ‘more time than I can currently give’ to the course. Family comes first and the rest can wait if necessary. All I can say is ‘stay safe’ everyone and keep following the steps laid out for us all to beat this virus.


Reply 2: Marissa Peart

My experience in this course thus far is great! I am learning how to piece together a social media campaign that will help me in the real world after I graduate. I love social media and how it holds so much power. We don’t even know the true potential of social media as it is considered to be a fairly new concept. The different updates and functions that continue to be added to social platform sites like Facebook and Instagram are only the beginning of what is to come in the future. Social media has allowed others to depend upon it financially which I think is amazing. For example, Kim Kardashian reportedly makes 1 million dollars per post on the popular platform of Instagram (Barna, 2019). Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are able to benefit from these platforms because businesses realize how influential people can impact sales.

My social media campaign is going well and I am happy with the company that I chose. They recently filed for bankruptcy which was perfect for me to get in the mindset of how can I help this company bounce back and stand out on social media platforms. I am mainly focusing on Instagram and Facebook as I think these are the two best platforms to reach my audience. As retail stores see a decline in foot traffic my social media plan will try to merge in store experience with that of social media with different areas of the store being places to take social media worthy photos etc. I do find creating a social media campaign not to be both easy and hard as it takes a lot of moving parts to come together to paint one big creative piece or multiple pieces. It requires a lot of creative thinking that can make or break a company’s image both on and offline if they are not appealing to their target audience.

I am appreciative of this course as I plan to start a marketing department for my current job since we do not currently have one nor do we have a website. This class will help me start from scratch so when the website is up and running creating a social media campaign for them will help drive traffic to the website. I am very excited to begin this journey as I hope to be compensated generously!


Barna, D. (2019, May 5). Apparently Kim Kardashian Makes THIS Much Per Instagram Post. Retrieved from

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