SOCW 6204 Walden University Interdisciplinary Teams Discussion Replies

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Respond to at least two different colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

Identify and share additional challenges your colleague might encounter when working with the team.

Expand on your colleagues’ postings by providing additional insights or contrasting perspectives based on readings and evidence.

Use References



1. Brief explanation of the philosophy behind teamwork in health care settings.

Teamwork in the health care settingis essential. It is a group of professionally trained specialists that are apart of a interdisciplinary team in which each person is assigned a specific role. These teams collaborate together to form the best possible plans for patients.

2. Briefly describe different types of teams and their functions.

Teams in the health care field can vary depending on the patients health care needs however the following list are examples in a general sense.

Nutritionists – Provideadvise about food and how it relates to our health

Nurse-Communicate with doctors, administer medication, monitor daily health

Physician Team- Treat medical conditions

Specialty Care- Focused on a defined group of patients, disease, skills and philosophy

3. Explain the essential requirements for effective interdisciplinary practice.

Essential requirements for effective interdisciplinary practice include; communication, values based commitment. According to Mitchell, there are five personal values that characterize the most effective members in a high functioning team in health care they include; honesty, discipline, creativity, humility and curiosity ( 2012).Principles of team based health care consist of; shared goals,clear roles, mutual trust, effective communication and measurable process and outcomes ( Mitchell 2012).

4.Examine the challenges involved in interdisciplinary practice. Focus on the role of the medical social worker in particular

Challenges involved in interdisciplinary practice as it relates to medical social work include role clarification and communication. Having an awareness of ones inter professional colleagues is important for collaboration. Social workers not being included in the decisionmaking process for clients is also a challenge, if social workers aren’tincluded in that process barriers may not be addressed. I believe when a social worker has a strong sense for what can be done it’s important for he or she to feel comfortable with communicating that to their team.


Mitchell, P., Wynia, M., Golden, R., McNellis, B., Okun, S., Webb, C. E., … Von Kohorn, I. (2012). Core principles & values of effective team-based health care [Discussion paper]. Washington, DC: Institute of Medicine.

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A brief explanation of the philosophy behind teamwork in health care settings

The philosophy behind teamwork in health care settings to bring together different professionals with expertise in their own competencies to collaborate or work together with the shared components of a diagnosis to be analyzed with an effective exchange of information to formulate a medical prognosis to reach and achieve the same common goal of proficiency of health care (Minetti, 2011).

Briefly describe different types of teams and their functions focusing on the role of the medical social worker.

The interdisciplinary team with focus on the medical social worker functions, works with the interdisciplinary team for a continuum of care for the patient. They ensure a quality of care while being engaged with the patient and family for an improved health outcome. They are committed to providing the best care to the vulnerable populations through patient centered objectives with a primary focus on person in environment which facilitates between the patient, family, and interdisciplinary team. With a multidisciplinary team, they too plan and work together, but it is done in a manner where there are little to any functional interrelation of other disciplines and their respective professions (Maramaldi et al., 2014). They work together yet separately as to not encroach upon the next professional’s expertise.

Explain the essential requirements for effective interdisciplinary practice

Consistent and clear communication between the patient, families and providers while hospitalized for treatment, discharge planning and the overall health and well being of the patient. Forming a planned procedure and collaborating with other team members for the best possible outcome of health care (Maramaldi et al., 2014).

These are ten principles of interdisciplinary teamwork

Positive leadership/Management attributes

Communication strategies/Structure

Personal rewards


Appropriate resources/Procedures

Appropriate skill mix

Supportive team climate/Individual characteristics that support interdisciplinary teamwork

Clarity of vision

Quality/Outcomes of care

Respecting and understanding roles

(Nancarrow et al., 2013).

Examine the challenges involved in interdisciplinary practice

Role definition, clarity of roles, communication, task allocation and competency measures are the most noted between nurses and medical social workers. Understanding each other’s role and expectations in their respective field of work can pose as challenge when dealing with psychosocial issues and developments for the team (Maramaldi et al., 2014). Respecting what each can contribute and blending them together to make them work for the betterment of care for the patient.

Maramaldi, P., Sobran, A., Scheck, L., Cusato, N., Lee, I., White, E., & Cadet, T. J. (2014). Interdisciplinary medical social work: A working taxonomy. Social Work in Health Care, 53(6), 532-551. Retrieved from doi:10.1080/00981389.2014.905817

Minetti, A. (2011). Working together. An interdisciplinary approach to dying patients in a palliative care unit. Journal of Medical Ethics, 37(12), 715-718.

Nancarrow, S. A., Booth, A., Ariss, S., Smith, T., Enderby, P., & Roots, A. (2013). Ten principles of good interdisciplinary teamwork-NCBI. BioMed Central. Retrieved from

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