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 Write notes in the margins of the readings or on a separate sheet of paper or separate file. Then answer the following questions in full sentences (either handwritten or typed is fine). Your answers should be 2-6 sentences, depending on the question. Include page numbers in your responses so that you can refer back to the reading during the discussion or when asking questions. 

Reading note: Focus more on Bourdieu’s ([1998] 2001) general argument and the examples from Europe and the U.S., rather than the example of the Kabyle.

Questions for Bourdieu (2001), Masculine Domination, pp. 22-42, 49-53, 56-68, 88-96:

1) What is the relationship between socialization and the habitus of men and women?

2) What is symbolic violence? How is it related to gender?

3) What is manliness? What is its effect on men? 

4) How is masculine domination reinforced by the occupational structure and by gender relations in the workplace?

5) According to Bourdieu (2001:63), why and how do women, under masculine domination experience their bodies as a “body-for-others”?

6) How have gender relations changed in recent times? In what ways have they not changed?

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