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Halle, D. (2003). Introduction, The New York and Los Angeles Schools. In D. Halle, (Ed.), New York and Los Angeles: Politics, society and culture: A comparative view. Chicago: University of Chicago Press., 1-23 [23 pages] 

  1. From Halle’s point of view, what are the two major developments of American megalopolies that Los Angeles and New York symbolize? [RC]
  2. According to Halle, what are the seven ideas that characterized the “Los Angeles School”?
  3. From Halle’s perspective, what is the main difference between the Chicago school and the New York school?
  4. According to Halle, what is the significance of the victory against the Lower Manhattan Expressway? [RC}
  5. Following Halle’s argument, what are the pros and cons of the redesign of Bryant Park?

Jacobs, J. (1961). The death and life of great American cities. New York: Vintage., 1-25, 143-151 [34 pages] 

  1. According to Jacobs, what are the “city-destroying ideas” of Howard’s model of the “Garden City”? [RC]
  2. What are the features of Le Corbusier’s model of the “Radiant city” that Jacobs criticizes?
  3. From Jacobs’ perspective, what is problematic about the “City beautiful” model?
  4. According to Jacobs, what is the importance of urban diversity? [RC]
  5. From Jacobs’ perspective, what are the four conditions needed to generate urban diversity? [RC]

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