Sociologist Robin Williams’S 10 dominant values in the United States

Sociologist Robin Williams suggests that there are 10 dominant values in the United States: 1. Achievement and Success 2. Activity and Work 3. Humanitarianism 4. Efficiency and Practicality 5. Progress 6. Material Comfort 7. Freedom and Equality 8. Conformity 9. Democracy 10. Individualism For this assignment, pick three from this list that you most agree with. Make an argument for why you think these three values are important in the United States. How are these values diffused? How do you know they are significant? Can you show examples, either through popular culture, media, or personal experiences? Also, pick one that you do not agree with or agree with the least. Why do you think that value is not as significant as the others? Please put answers in essay format.

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