Social Media Explosion

Social Media Explosion

Social Media Explosion

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I have a 3 page Essay in which I have copied into the instructions below. Please extend this essay with the pages needed. I have also included my log in for my colleges library database to look up the sources provided.
sources will be found at: (CQ RESEARCHER) (Points of View)

In a well-researched essay of 5-7 pages, 1,700 word minimum:

Explain a social or cultural trend.
Prove the trend exists by citing facts, figures, or expert testimony.
Argue its causes. You may also choose to examine its effects.
Think of a significant or intriguing social or cultural trend and argue why it has occurred. Describe your subject, demonstrate its existence, and propose and support plausible causes for it. Your purpose is to convince your readers that the proposed causes are believable and likely.
Causal Argument Grade Sheet
To be considered “strong” in a particular area, the essay cannot have significant problems in that area. You’ll find details about what constitutes “significant problems” below the grade sheet.

Essay Evaluation
A clear, accurate thesis that argues the causes of a specific social or cultural trend
Proof that the trend exists

Thorough explanation and analysis of the trend’s causes
Ample evidence to support each reason
Acknowledgment and counter-argument of alternate causes, opposing views, or concerns (as needed)
Sound logic–watch out for post hoc (false cause) fallacies
Unified and developed body paragraphs. Each body paragraph needs to develop one, and only one, idea, identified in its topic sentence. The idea needs to be thoroughly developed with explanation, examples, comparisons, definitions, descriptions, details, etc.

A catchy title that is not just the issue or the assignment
An engaging introduction
A preview statement (either part of the thesis or immediately following it) that forecasts the essay’s points (the causes it will argue) and arrangement (the order in which they will appear
A concluding paragraph that provides a sense of closure
An organized body section that presents the causes in some sort of order (such as the least likely to most likely)
Clear transitions between paragraphs and within paragraphs to help the reader move from idea to idea within the essay

Social Media Popularity
Introduction and Thesis
Imagine how the world would be without digital media platforms ranging from Facebook, Twitter to Instagram? Many people would not comprehend with such thoughts based on the fact that people in the contemporary world have become overly reliant on digital media. In fact, everyone has become a “tech savvy,” especially the generation Y who have been brought up in a society where social media is highly valued. In a nutshell, social media has attained immense popularity since its inception. There are various reasons as to why social media has attained significant popularity in the recent past. Overall, various social media features including phot sharing sites, “virtual worlds,” “user review,” sections, and convenience of virtual contact and staying in touch with others are the main reason for the rise in popularity of social media.

Social media provide “Virtual Worlds” where people meet
As aforementioned, virtual worlds offered by social media is part of the factors that have contributed to the rise in popularity of social media. Notably, social media platforms offer virtual world, which offers a comprehensive platform in which people can interact. Evidently, social media innovations offer virtual world games where people drawn from different parts of the globe meet, interact and compete in playing interesting games. According to Clemmitt (pg. 81) close to three-quarters of youths in America engage in video-games, which confer certain benefits such as increasing problem-solving, literacy, and hypothesis testing skills. This prepares such youth for knowledge-based workplace. This has and continues to propel the rise in popularity of social media. Those opposed to video games often connote that they are addictive and hinder social interactions amongst the youth. While such notions are true, it is important to note adoption of policy regulation on young engagement in these games would address such concerns.
Social media has user reviews component
Another reason that has elicited the rise in popularity of social media is the fact that various social media platforms have user reviews. These reviews offer critical insights to social media users on pertinent matters aligned with products found in the social media platforms. This is highly valued by consumers in that it reduces chances of them falling victim of fraudulent products. As such, social media has generated fascinating admiration from consumers; hence, eliciting its popularity (Chittom 2).
Social media allows for photo sharing
The photo sharing feature contained in various social media platforms is pivotal in enhancing the popularity of social media. Through photo sharing, social media users get to share life events crucial to their lives to the intended users. As noted by Clemmitt (pg. 749), various social media features including photo sharing allows people to converse, and this draws billions of people to various online platforms. This results in a direct rise in the popularity of social media. Those opposed to online conversations offered by social media articulate that they impair development of communication skills amongst social media users. Such notion are somewhat true, but it is important to appreciate the fact that the main cause of social media is to stay in touch with other, which is a means of communication. In fact, virtual communication offered by social media is of much essence, especially in cases where face to face communication is not available (Kim 15).
Increased availability of mobile devices that enhance internet access
The other fact that has and continues to sustain the popularity of social media is the increased availability of devices that ease access of the internet. The recent past has experienced the emergence of various mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets, which make it easy for people to access the internet. Access of the internet guarantee access to social media platforms, and this is a crucial factor that has led to rise in popularity of social media. However, increased internet access has been criticized for the profound impacts it has on it users (Greenblatt 773).
From the above analysis, rise in the popularity of social media is accredited to various social media features including photo sharing sites, “virtual worlds,” “user review,” sections, and convenience of virtual contact and staying in touch with others. Opponents of social media have often articulated certain detrimental effects it poses on its users. Nonetheless, such opposing views are normal fears developed by people when new medium emerge.

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