Social Media Community Impact

THE TOPIC IS SOCIAL MEDIA AS A BEHAVIORAL ADDICTION. This assignment requires you to look at social media as a behavioral addiction and the impact it has in the United States. These questions must be answered Why was this topic chosen? What are the relevant facts concerning the chosen topic (epidemiology, prevalence, characteristics, and prognosis)? Why does this topic need to be addressed in this particular community, region, or state? What attempts have been made by the community, region, or state to address this problem? Please see below for additional assignment requirements:This assignment should be 3–5 pages of content.o Please include a cover page, abstract, and reference page (these items do not count in the page count listed above).Utilize APA formatting. Include at least 5 scholarly resources. Acceptable sources include scholarly articles and textbooks. Please note that the textbook for this class can be used to support your statements, but will not be counted toward the resource requirements. Requirements: 3 pages

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