Social Challenges of Addressing Abortion

As markets, the goal is to communicate with clients using strategies and tactics that they prefer. Killian and McManus notes that digital revolution has today made marketing much consumer-driven compared to the past. Consumers today expect to interact directly with brand managers through social media platforms, which they control everything. The writers claim that the digital transformation can create opportunities for marketers or even be detrimental if not well used. Killian & McManus conducted interviews with brand managers to determine the strategies and tactics they use in social media, issues they face, and solutions they have adopted to succeed.

The research findings reveal that marketing strategies and tactics adopted should focus o consumers’ purposes on social media. While digital platforms offer many functions, interviewers identified four main engagement methods that organizations can use in marketing: relationship management, news gathering, creativity, and entertainment. Under relationship management, customers prefer the use of blogs Facebook, and Twitter. The tactics facilitate learning, sharing opinion, and expression. Still, organizations use micro-blogging, and Twitter accounts in news creation and managing different customer interest. Twitter and Facebook are efficient in creativity in news gathering and relationship management as they offer immediate feedback from customers. For creativity, users prefer sites as Pinterest and YouTube because they facilitate product demonstration and contest and feedback. Individuals can quickly “collect, display, and share images with others” in the platforms. Still, while using social media platforms, brand managers must seek users’ attention through different entertainments as games, songs, and videos. Even so, for efficiency, marketers must ensure consistency customization, commitment, and caution in using the social media platforms. The writers also suggest varying tools to assist in the implementation of digital communication across social media sites. Altogether, although each platform can provide the four consumer purposes, marketers must apply the ones that fit a given function and situation.




Killian, G., & McManus, K. (2015). A marketing communications approach for the digital era: Managerial guidelines for social media integration. Business Horizons, 58(5), 539-549.

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