SOC 301 SDSU Social Marketing of Water and Sanitation Products Article Paper

Question Description

will build on what you have done from the previous article assignments
by selecting an academic paper on your own and applying the skills from
the previous article assignments. The goal of this assignment is to
ensure your comfort with reading academic articles. You will
essentially be mimicking what you have done on the previous article
assignments, only this time on an article of your choosing and putting
your responses on a word document.

Here are the steps for the assignment:

Step 1.

Select a peer reviewed article
on the subject of sociology (or a sufficiently similar social science)
using SDSU library resources. The type of article is up to you, but you
must be able to answer the following questions with it. I would suggest
a paper using quantitative methods given that’s what most of the past
article assignments were geared towards.

you are not clear on what a peer reviewed article constitutes, consult
this link:…
or this

this assignment, you will need to download the ‘.pdf’ of the article.
To find a peer-reviewed article and download it as a pdf,

Step 2.

State in your own words the following (take up to a few sentences for each response):

  1. The motivation for the paper
  2. The key findings of the paper

your responses to these and the following questions, please us the full
citation of the article, using the Chicago manual of style as is
discussed in the syllabus.

Step 3.

4 of the following to respond to (take up to a few sentences for each
response). These do not have to be in your own words:

  1. State the hypothesis (or Hypotheses)
  2. Identify the dependent variable (or variables)
  3. Identify the independent variables
  4. What is the unit of analysis
  5. What is the sampling frame for this study?
  6. What form of survey was given?

Step 4.

Pick 2 of the following to respond to (take up to a few sentences for each response). These do not have to be in your own words:

1. How was the dependent variable operationalized

2. How do the authors validate their measure

3. Specifically what type of sampling was used. For
example, if this was a probability sample, did the author use cluster
sampling or something else? Or, if it was non-probability, did they use
a convenience sample or something else

4. What was the response rate of the survey

5. Identify the typology used in this paper.

6. What is the unit of analysis

Step 5.

You will submit two things onto Blackboard. The first is a word document with your responses. The
second is the pdf of the article that you used. You must include the
.pdf of the article for the assignment to get credit (I need to see it
to know what you did).

Prof. Angela


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