SOC 2280 Troy University Public Shaming and Social Problem Essay Response

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Each essay response must be a minimum of a page in length.It is important also to remember that your response should be written in your own words, do not copy directly out of the text or any internet links.

For this assignment, you are responding to a total of two of the following essay questions.

Respond to one of the following:

1. Discuss the Chambliss study on the saints and the roughnecks and explain the idea of labeling.Do you agree or disagree with the labeling theory?Why? (refer to pages 145 -146 of text

2. Read page 167 of your text – Public Shaming as Social Policy.In addition to responding, consider a current “shaming” punishment that is law.Do you agree or disagree with this concept?Why?

After excepting the question I will send you the link for the book

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