Show All Work When Answering The Questions Don T Forget To Quote The Correct Num

Show all work when answering the questions. Don’t forget to quote the correct number of significant figures in your final answer. If the answer is a vector quantity, specify the direction as well as the magnitude.

A cylindrical hose of diameter 6.0 mm has a circular nozzle of diameter 1.3 mm on the end. Water leaves the nozzle horizontally at 19 m/s. You may assume that water is incompressible and has a density of 1.0×103 kg/m3

a) What speed is the water in the hose moving at?

b) What is the volume flow rate?

c) How much time does it take for 1.0 kg of water to flow through the hose?

d) If the water leaves the hose horizontally at 19 m/s, at a height of 1.0 m from the ground, what is the horizontal range of the water?

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