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I have attached the template and a resume. I need to answer the questions in the template. I am from India. FOR REPORT 1 Courses I am taking is Managerial Decision Making : BA61370G121 Managing Diversity : BA60870H121 I have also attached the resume for the 3rd question. 250 words, APA format Please complete the assignment in the attached report only FOR REPORT 2: Online 8 weeks course: Managerial Decision Making : BA61370G121 For this I am attaching the course Syallbus. Use my resume for 3rd question 250 words FOR REPORT 3: 16 weeks Hybrid course: Managing Diversity : BA60870H121 I am attaching the syallbus and same resume for 3rd question 250 words NOTE: PLEASE COMPLETE THE TASK IN THE REPORT ATTACHED. I DO WANT SEPARATE WORD DOCUMENT Requirements: 4 pages

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