Shakespeare Essay
Posted by:admin | April 12, 2021

For this essay, you are free to write on any topic of your choice from the Shakespeare play “Macbeth”.
As with all academic essays, you must have a clear and insightful thesis, ample citations from the primary text, and outside sources to give your essay gravitas.  You can employ a critical lens of your choice.  You might want to examine the genre of comedy or tragedy, the character of the fool or comic villain, gender confusion, the role of love (variously defined), the use of soliloquies, or any other topic of interest.  In short, you have a large number of possible options here.
Length: 5 pages double-spaced
Outside Sources:  At least 2 peer-reviewed sources from respected journals (this does not include reference materials).
Follow the MLA formatting guidelines
No Plot Summary
Avoid passive verbs.  No is/are verbs.

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