SEU Quality Management Elite Derma Care Product Analysis Discussion

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The report must include the following:

1.Product or Service Information:

Select an actual Product or Service from any local/international company that you would like to improve/change, and provide the following Information:

The product or service general information such as name, features, value to customers..ect.

Brief history about the chosen product or service (formation, sales, previous changes).

2.The necessity for change :

The reasons behind the improvement decision, each group asked to present no less than two reasons why they think the change is important for their product /service (Leadership, Competitors Technological advances, Training requirements, Rules and regulations, Customer demands).

3.Define Stage ( Planning) :

Define the project’s scope, goals, and objectives and its team members and sponsors ( Project charter )

Define the current and the desired status, the project scheduling.

Define the stakeholders affected by the project such as (employees, society, customers, stockholders, suppliers…etc)

Identify the team you need and the members` functions that will help you throughout the project.

What method you plan to use for defining the project (Work Breakdown Structure, Pareto Diagrams) and why?

4.Measure Stage:

Define the new process inputs, actions and desired outputs. (Hint : Process flowchart can be used to visualize the process)

Define measurement Systems Analysis tool, to illustrate use measurements scales such as Nominal , Ordinal , Interval , Ratio. In addition, explain the reason for use.

5.Analyze Stage:

Discuss no less than two conditions that might hinder the project progression (process variation) using one of tools mentioned in chapter (15 – Analyze Stage).

Describe the new value delivered to the customers upon the successful implementation of the project.

6.Improve / Design stage:

Present no more than two condition that can be altered to make the desired change ( cost , operation, human resource).

Discuss one to two techniques you plan to use to improve the efficiency of process such as lean tools, 5S …etc.

7.Control Stage:

Identify two methods that the team can use to evaluate performance after the project completion.

Document two to three learned lessons from the process ( This part could be connected to the overall project experience )

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