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Posted by:admin | June 5, 2021

Watch the video below_titled,_
Caring Corrupted: The Killing Nurses of the Third Reich (in youtube)
Play Video
and then re_ect_on the following prompt:
This video conjures many emotions, both as a nurse and a moral human being. 
Most of us entered/will enter the profession of nursing in response to a calling to 
care for our fellow human beings. For many of us, we believe with an urgent 
commitment that nursing is who we are, not simply what we do. We are guided by
a moral compass that sets our life course based on knowing right from wrong, 
good from evil._
While it is impossible for us to understand how the nurses in the concentration 
camps could be complicit in their role as ‘doers’ of euthanasia, it is curious how 
many of them came to believe that killing was a legitimate part of their caring 
role. These thoughts beg many questions, the answers for which will be re_ective 
of your own beliefs and values system. Answer the following in your Forum post:
Do you think these nurses were complicit from the beginning, or did they slowly 
become involved over time until it became easier to cross the line? Once they did 
cross the line, how might a sense of power have overtaken their moral judgment? 
Perhaps they were indoctrinated to believe that the health of the public at large 
was more important than the health of the individual; yet how could they justify 
their actions to exploit the few for the bene0t of the many? Were they simply 
following orders? Were they motivated by the thought of losing their job, or 
maybe even their life, if they refused? Could they have truly believed that they 
were simply relieving these children of their su1ering and in so doing were being 
merciful in their actions?
In the context of your own nursing practice, why is this re_ection activity 
important? Think about your own vulnerability to outside pressures and 
in_uences—would you speak up today if your moral position was threatened? Why
or why not? Consider this from a position of power that you may or may not have. 
In today’s challenging healthcare environment, why is it important that we not 
only understand our moral position but that we also monitor our own response 
and the response of others?

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