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Select one of the topics listed below. Respond to the topic or question in the form of a short essay using the terms and concepts developed in the course. Library research and the rescreening of selected films is an expectation of the assignment; it is intended to provide you with the necessary background to discuss the films in question. This assignment is designed as a formal introduction to basic research in the Humanities. It will prompt you to select a topic and think through the issues most appropriate to a discussion of that topic. Read articles, essays, and book chapters connected to your topic to gain the understanding necessary to engage in the selected topic in a meaningful way. Topic 1. Churchill’s Island and Standard Operating Procedure address the topic of war at very different moments in history with very different technologies available to the filmmaker. Evaluate each film according to their differences and similarities using the terms and concepts from the course, and comment on whether one is more successful in achieving its apparent goals than the other. You must discuss three (3) specific scenes from each film under examination. Topic 2. Consider the similarities and differences between Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry and Grizzly Man. Evaluate each film using the terms and concepts from the course, and comment on whether one is more successful in achieving its apparent goals than the other. You must discuss three (3) specific scenes from each film under examination. Course Code: MEDA10036G Fall 2018 Course Name: Documentary Film: An Introduction Course Instructor: Prof. Michael Baker MINI-RESEARCH ESSAY Due Date: Wednesday Nov. 21st 11am (Wednesday sections) Thursday Nov. 22nd 9am (Thursday sections) Submit via SLATE Assignments Basic Requirements Your submission should be four to five (4-5) typed pages not including the bibliography, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point font. Submissions that do not meet this requirement will not receive a passing grade. Conduct library research so that you have a clear understanding of the subject matter presented in the film (e.g. World War II; sign language) and an appreciation of the specific historical, social or political context of the film itself; film reviews in established newspapers or magazines and articles in scholarly journals are valuable resources. You will share this research with me in the form of a bibliography; for further information about this document, see below. This is not a movie review or a plot summary. This assignment tests your ability to think through the core concepts presented in class and independently conduct research relating to the interests of the course with a focus on scholarly and critical sources (including professional print journalism) in order to expand your understanding of the general subject area. Library research and re-viewing of select films will be necessary. A properly formatted bibliography with no fewer than three (3) entries from outside of the course readings is required and will demonstrate your research. The course readings provide you with a solid starting point for work addressing the various subject areas. Your primary resource for this research can and should be the Sheridan Library — this is not an exercise in Googling. Acceptable citation guidelines are to be found in the Modern Languages Association Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (available online and in most new and used bookstores) and an example of proper citations is to be found in the Course Outline. With the exception of refereed journals available online (and through library-endorsed online databases; i.e. ProQuest) internet sources are not acceptable (i.e. Wikipedia, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes) and will be penalized. The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides valuable assistance for conducting research and offers resources to ensure you properly cite your work — section/2/ Your opening paragraph should include the title of the works you are analyzing, the year of their release, and a simple thesis that organizes your work — we will discuss examples in class. You will present your basic research as evidence in support of your thesis; discussion of specific details from the films you selected will serve to illustrate your discussion and reinforce your



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