Select One Of The Poems Listed Above Read It And Then Complete The Following Res

Select one of the poems listed above.. Read it and then complete the following response guide.

Name of the poem:

Point One: Explore the Themes of the Poem

  • Try to group the ideas in the poem.  Is there a story that the poem tells?
  • What do you think the poem is about?

Point Two: Imagery used to express themes

  • What are the pictures in the poem?
  • Are metaphors/similes used to explain ideas?
  • Are the five senses used to evoke certain reactions in the reader?

Point Three: Form and Structure

  • How is the poem organized e.g. lines, verses, layout and shape.
  • Why has the poet decided to structure the ideas in this way e.g. the sequence of ideas, length of lines, patterns etc.?

Point Four: Rhyme and Rhythm

  • How does the poem rhyme? E.g. abab or aabb etc.
  • What is the rhythm of the poem when read aloud?
  • Why has the poet chosen this rhyme and rhythm to express these ideas?

Point Five: Language Patterns

  • Think about the sound of the poem and choice of words.
  • The poet uses specific words because they have a certain association in the reader’s mind. 

Grading: You will be assessed on how well you completed the assignment listed above. This is about picking a poem apart and getting at the truth of it. Do just that. This assignment is worth 100 points. 

Prof. Angela


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