Select A Company From The List Provided Below This Company Was Selected In Week

  1. Select a company from the list provided below. This company was selected in week two. After completing the midterm rationale (that was due in week two) complete the remaining items.  

     Select one company from the list below:

 Starbucks is the company choice

  1. Take the company you selected and further research the organization described for furthering your analysis.  You will research at least five additional, credible sources (magazine and newspaper articles, organizational websites, credible blogs and other web-based sources, interviews).
  2. You will identify the 2-3 most important themes of the company’s organizational communication perspectives and explain why they are important to the organizational culture and mission.  You will make 2-3 recommendations of how the themes you discovered and your additional research could be used to improve communication in other organizations.  You will explain why your recommendations will work.
  3. Your paper should include an introduction in which you will introduce briefly the company, why they excel at organizational culture and communication, and provide a preview statement. 
  4. The body of your paper should provide a summary of organization’s culture and communication, a description of the 2-3 most important themes you found in your research of the company, and an argument for why those themes are important.  It should include your 2-3 recommendations for improving communication in other organization as well as your explanation for why your recommendations will work. You will select, describe and defend one of the organizational communication models learned in the course. You will explain how this relates to your company’s culture and organizational strategy. This will be supported with at least two scholarly sources.
  5. Your paper should include references to specific concepts or research findings you have learned from the text, lecture, discussion, other class materials, and your additional research.
  6. Your paper also should include specific examples from the company that support the points you are trying to make.
  7. Your paper should include a conclusion which summarizes the main points of your paper.
  8. There should be AT LEAST seven outside sources included in your paper (not including the course text).

Your paper should follow APA formatting guidelines and be at least 6-8 pages of content (not including a reference page).

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