SCSD Mohammed Bin Salman as A Transformational Leader Paper

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Management is much different than leadership. Management is a power relationship based on formal position in a hierarchical organization. Leadership is inspirational and is not necessarily linked to formal position. Review the descriptions of leadership by the notable people I listed on the power point slides. I particularly appreciate the description made by Bill Bradley. Transformational leaders give the world a vision of what it can become.

Leadership can also be viewed as transformational or transactional. Transactional leadership is closely aligned with the actions of a manager or appealing to a persons hygiene needs while transformational can be viewed as appealing to a persons motivational needs.

Servant leadership is a form of transformational leadership and is advocated by those establishing organic organizational systems.


  1. Identify a person that you believe is a leader. ( Mohammed bin Salman ) From the characteristics of leadership that you have studied identify two leadership traits you identify with this person. In your post identify whether the person you identified is a transformational or transactional leader?
  2. Analyze one other persons posting by saying why you agree or disagree with the person they identified as being a leader.

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