Scholarly Importance of The Vedas and The Vedantas Presentation

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A Presentation on the Vedas and the Vedantas at your Local Library

A weeklong celebration of religious diversity in your hometown library is being planned. There will be a presentation on sacred books of various religions. Having heard that you are taking a course on south Asian religions, the librarian has requested that you prepare a power point presentation on the Vedas and the Vedantas. Many people have heard the names of these compositions, but very few have much idea of its contents. So, here is what you have to do:

1. Tell your audience what are the Vedas? When were they composed? Who composed them? What do the Vedas contain? What makes the Vedas sacred to the Hindus?

2. What are the Vedantas? What is the relationship between the Vedas and the Vedantas? How does the content of the Vedantas differ from that of the Vedas?

3. Place the Vedas and the Vedantas within the broad historical and cultural context of south Asia, and discuss why these texts are important from a scholarly perspective?

Make sure to refer to your text to learn about these composition in general, and use specific excerpts to make your points. Citing your sources properly is essential to receive credit for this assignment.

Confine your presentation to five power point slides, record your presentation on Kaltura, and upload the URL of your presentation below.

You shall be graded for:

1. Content: Clarity of thought and step by step reasoning: 3

2. Clarity of your delivery: 3

3. Visual quality of the slides: 2

4. Grammar, spelling, and the overall quality of the text, and making your case within 5 slides: 2

You have to just make power point presentation

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