Satrapi’s Persepolis Discussion Questions

Our introduction to Satrapi’s Persepolis addressed the genre and power of the graphic novel and the history and politics of modern Iran. Showing an understanding of the issues discussed in the video presentations, please submit a post to the discussion board that responds to the following three questions. You should feel free to respond to all three questions either in one short paragraph or in a list of short, numbered responses, as you wish. 1) In Week 5 Video 1, we discussed present-day perceptions of Iran. In your experience, how would you describe the general public portrayal of Iran in the United States? How would you describe your own knowledge and perceptions of Iran at this point in time, and how do you feel about learning more about Iran? 2) How would you describe your reflections on the history of Iran discussed in Week 5 Video 2? (For example, what aspects of the United States’ involvement in Iran in the twentieth century led you to reflect differently on Iran or on the United States’ relationship with Iran?) In your posting, please comment specifically on your response to the information presented in the video presentation about the 1953 coupcarried out by the United States in Iran and about the 1979 Iranian Revolution. 3) In Week 5 Video 1, we delineated Satrapi’s objective: Through her novel about growing up in Iran during and after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Satrapi seeks to show that the people and society of Iran are not equivalent to its regime. She thus aims to humanize the Iranian people, and to build understanding and empathy between peoples. In this light, and given our discussion about genre in the video presentation, what are your thoughts about Satrapi’s use of the graphic novel (a dual visual-textual medium) and use of the child’s point of view to tell the story of the Iranian Revolution to an international audience? Requirements: 1-2 pages | .doc file

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