Santa Monica College Dental Hygiene Worksheet

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  1. Define the classification of dental caries and restoration.
  2. Define the following terms with a diagram/picture with it.
    1. Overjet
    2. Overbit
    3. Malocculusion
    4. Class I Malocculusion
    5. Class II Malocculsion
    6. Class III Malocculsion
  3. Difine following carious lesion.
    1. Pit and fissure caries
    2. Proximal caries
    3. Smooth caries
    4. Early childhood caries
    5. Rampant caries
    6. Chronic caries
    7. Arrested caries
    8. Recurrent caries
  4. Define following restorations and find an example of pictures of each restoration. (Some may not be in your textbooks)
    1. Amalgam
    2. Composite
    3. Resin-modified glass ionomer
    4. Preformed stainless steel crowns
    5. Gold Alloy Crown
    6. Porcelain Crown
    7. Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown
    8. Fixed two units bridge
    9. Dental Implant
    10. Pit and Fissure Sealant

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