San Francisco State University An Inconvenient Truth Film Analysis

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What to do:

1. Watch the film, An Inconvenient Truth. or on netflix

2. Review the section in Chapter 5 on Strategies for Reducing Emissions, just quickly go over as this is one of your reference

3. Complete the following:

1. Identify and describe 5 of the sustainability issues outlined in the movie (2-3
sentences per issue).

2. Research and report whether the global community has made progress on each issue
since the movie was released in 2006 and if the issue has increased in intensity (4-5
sentences per issue).

3. For each issue, cite TWO references: the textbook, and one other source (e.g.,
newspaper article, website)

4. Use APA format for your paper, citations, and references.

This can just be 5 paragraphs, no intro or conclusion paragraph. Each paragraph is a sustainability issue from the movie that answers 1 and 2.

Prof. Angela


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