San Diego State University Transforming Copper Experiment Lab Report

Question Description

In this lab you will follow a series of chemical reactions that transforms the element copper into various different compounds before returning back to elemental copper. The success of the transformation is measured by determining how much of the original copper is recovered at the end.

Your task will be to carefully watch a video of the reactions. You will then use your observations, and your knowledge of chemical reactions, to answer postlab questions about the basis and outcome of the transformations involved.


You need to download two files:

  1. Download the Transforming copper lab instructionsPreview the document that contain a description of the basis of the reactions and links to a video to watch.
  2. Download the postlab questions as a Microsoft Word filePreview the document or in PDF format. Preview the documentYou can type your answers in the relevant spaces in the Word format file OR print the questions, write your answers by hand (blue or black ink only) and scan or take a picture of the pages for submission.

Read the background and follow the directions in the lab instructions file. You will be directed to watch and make observations from a video showing the the copper transformation reactions. You will then answer questions found in the postlab questions file. It is a good idea to read through both files first so that you are aware of what you need to do.

You can also watch the video below.

Transforming Copper Reactions Video

Preparation of files and submission:

Save your typed answers as a Microsoft word document OR take a picture or scan of each completed page. Make sure the quality is good enough to view clearly. If I cannot read it, I will not grade it.

For pictures/scans it is best to submit as a PDF or .jpeg (jpg) file. You can submit one file for each page or combine them into one file. Check out free PDF Converter (Links to an external site.) and free PDF Merge (Links to an external site.) tools to convert photos to PDF and combine multiple PDF into one file. SmallPDF (Links to an external site.) also has other free tools for working with PDF files.

Please name your file for submission using the convention “Lastname_FirstInitial_Copper” replacing “Lastname” and “FirstInitial” with your own lastname and first initial (for example: Dutnall_R_FlameTest).

Prof. Angela


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