San Diego State University The Tempest by William Shakespeare Analysis HW

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response papers.
600 and 1,000 words each.
a passage from an assigned text, compose a thesis statement, and analyze (do not merely summarize) the passage in context. Responses can be personal; for the paper you’re
required to engage at least one secondary source.

a. Required reading (click the link):

The Tempest,

Acts 1–3

This assignment builds upon Response paper #1 (Uploaded file). Here, you will choose a new passage (ONLY ONE PASSAGE!!) from an assigned text and analyze the passage in the context of the tradition so far revealed in the reading. (Again, avoid merely summarizing the action in your assigned passage.) Discuss how allusion, echo, new twists or perspectives are manifested in your passage. Responses can be personal but your argument must involve critical thinking, appropriate use of literary critical terms, and at least one secondary source from the scholarly literature. Feel free to engage materials from the Moodle course site, as long as proper citation is provided.

I will upload the Response paper #1.

Prof. Angela


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