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S2-2018-CIS8010- Information Systems Project Management Assignment 3
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S2-2018-CIS8010- Information Systems Project Management Assignment 3 Due date: Assignment 3 Due Dates: Refer to course website Value: See the course website (Marked out of 100 for each item) Description: Professional Business Report GeneralRequirements • Email submission will NOT be accepted in any circumstances. • Each assignment should be packaged as one single PDF file and then submitted ONLY via the link provided through the course study desk. Assignment submission in any other format or by any other means will be treated as a non-submission. • All assessment items are individual submissions. • You are encouraged to discuss the assignment requirements with others to improve your understanding and to clarify requirements, but you should develop the solutions to the assessment items on your own. • The solution should be in the context of the selected organization in the industry mentioned below. You are allowed to select an organization in the industry mentioned below to demonstrate the requirements of this assignment. Assignment 1, 2 and 3 covers the following objectives partially or fully of the course No. Objectives Assignments explain core concepts of IS project management 1 1,2 prepare a project plan including selection of project, timeline, scope, and cost factor for the successful project 2 1, 2 & 3 selection apply practical aspects of project management software 3 3 application demonstrate the skills required to be able to become 4 3 successful future project management managers.Assessment Details (CIS8010 Information Systems Project Management) The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of basic project management concepts and your proficiency in using project management software to produce project charts and reports. In particular, the assignment focuses on the following project management knowledge areas in the PMBOK: project integration management, project scope management,…



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