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Your job will be to investigate the firm’s problem(s) as they relate to Service Operations and prepare a written paper for each case. You need to justify your recommendations using four methods of analysis (SWOT, Service Quality/GAP Model, Servicescape/Location, NPV & ROI).

1. Examine the reasons how Porcini’s has maintained high product and service quality? What are Porcini’s plan for maintain this quality for its Pronto concept? Can you suggest ways to supplement this tool?

2. What does the proposed customer questionnaire system Pronto is planning to use tell about their approach to quality? What are the strengths and weakness of this questionnaire? What are your suggestions to improve it? Or How well or poorly do the various elements of the Pronto concept – its menu choices, HR system, quality measures, etc. – support the goal of “Great Italian cuisine without the wait?”

3. What is the sustainable completive advantage (cannot be copied by competition), if any, Pronto has?

4. The case identifies three options. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option. What option would you recommend (Hint: use NPV and ROI for each option)?Or What are the implications of your choice (Q4) for profitability, return on investment (ROI), product and service quality, and the quality image of the Porcini’s brand?

If you were a member of Porcini’s top management, which of the available growth options for Pronto would you choose? Why?

analyse the market

supply chain management

apply a servqual model

perform a SWOT analysis

identify the service operation management

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