RSCH 600 UCW Research Methodologies Management Styles & Inquiry Research Paper

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The second half of paper will include data collection, analysis of (stationary) data, testing hypothesis, analysis and forecasting of time series, time table and budget plan

o No page limit but strictly follow the APA style (font size, spacing, citation, paragraph structures, etc)

 Data Collection:

o What type of data do you plan to acquire to answer your research question? (Qualitative or quantitative or Mixed?) and Why you choose that type of data?

 What kinds of instruments or materials will you use (observations, surveys, interviews, case studies, focus groups, experiments, documents, media, database searches, etc.)

 Identify the sources information that you need to answer the research question (journals, books, internet resources, government documents, people, etc).

 If you plan to use mixed methods, will they be sequential, concurrent, or transformative? and Why?

o List the kinds of data/information that you plan to collect (e.g. testimonials, statistics, business/government reports, other research data, audio/video recordings, etc.). Also, consider two or three alternative ways you could gather data/information for this research. o If you plan to use research participants,

 where will they come from (e.g from a list of employees of a factory, students of a university, Manages/supervisors, etc? )  How will they be sampled (e.g. random sampling, stratified sampling, purposeful sampling?)

 How many participants will you require? (your sample size) and how you decided the number?

o If you are not using research participants,

 who will you use as the target audience of your data? Who would most benefit from your research, and why?

o If your research topic is related to events that develop in time.

 Explain how would you acquire a snapshot of data (a data at a particular point in time) relevant to your research question. Within the snapshot, the data become effectively stationary.

 Consider the evolution of data with time. How would you acquire the time series data relevant to your research question?

o What ethical issues will your research project present? (You don’t need to explain how will you address it)

o What biases might you bring to the research and how will you address that bias?

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