Rowan S Purpose In Describing Miss Bessie What Makes This Teacher Significant To

Understanding Meaning

  1. What is Rowan’s purpose in describing Miss Bessie? What makes this teacher

    significant to a middle-aged man?

  1. What qualities of Miss Bessie does Rowan admire?
  1. Does Rowan offer Miss Bessie as a role model? How does he demonstrate that she is

    an “asset” to the nation?

Evaluating Strategy

  1. Rowan opens his essay with a physical description of Miss Bessie. Why are these

    details important to his purpose?

  1. Why would this article appeal to readers of Reader’s Digest? What values does it


Appreciating Language

  1. Study the words Rowan uses in describing Miss Bessie. Which words have the most


Running head: ROWAN’S DESCRIPTION OF MISS BESSIE1 Rowan’s Description of Miss BessieName:Institution: ROWAN’S DESCRIPTION OF MISS BESSIE 2 Rowan’s Description of Miss Bessie…

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