Rowan College Gloucester County The Global Ocean Chapter Summary

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Assignment 3

The Global Ocean (Chapters 13, 14 and 15)

Assignment 3 will be looking at the ocean systems. As is the case with the other sections of Earth Science, Ocean Science plays a role in the dynamics of the earth as a whole, and is tied very closely to our next topic, weather. The assignment will be broken into three parts: The Ocean Floor, Ocean Water and the Dynamic Ocean. As was the case with the first assignment, as you complete this assignment, make sure to use your own words and cite information that you get from any source other than the text book, to avoid any form of plagiarism. Assignments must be a .pdf or .doc/docx. Please use a different color text for answers so that I am able to pick out your answers easily. If it is easier, you can also print, write and scan your assignment.

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