Rowan College at Gloucester Wk 3 Social Group Data Supporting Discussion

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Select an activity or ritual of a social group or some other form of unique or everyday common “social scene” that you have access to and conduct a brief participant observation study. You can choose to be a complete participant, participant observer, or complete observer. The activity that you observe should last at least ten minutes. Describe the setting of the activity, the behavior of most, if not all, of the individuals involved, and your understanding and analysis of what occurred during the time of your observation. What did you learn about the people involved and the context within which they acted?

Your writing should begin with an overview of your opinion and summary of data supporting it and rely on evidence from this week’s readings and any other pertinent course materials from this week, stated in a clear and organized manner. The writing should be approximately the equivalent of one page double-spaced with citations of our relevant sources to provide evidence for your argument.

Read Croteau and Hoynes “Understanding the Research Process.” (in textbook)

– Read Malinowski, Bronislaw. 1922. Introduction. In Argonauts of the Western Pacific. London: Routledge & Kegan. (link here) (link here) – Alternative Formats

– Watch Dr. Chapman’s “Lecture – Research Methods.” (link here)

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