Roman Empire Treating Outsiders Differently from Other Societies Reflection Essay

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hello i need help with two 750 words each Reflection Papers

  • Instructions •••
  • 1- in 750 words, answer the pertinent question and explore the relevant topic. Defend any arguments you make using the source at hand.

    2- Be certain to let me know within the introduction the argument you intend to follow.

    3- Then, give evidence for your belief, analysis and interpretation of that evidence, and your conclusions.

  • Paper layout•••
  • 1- paper must be cited throughout.

    2- You should do this in Chicago Style (author, title of source, publication date, and page number if you can find one) or by footnote[1].

  • the assignment •••
  • Read ‘Empires, Allies, and Frontiers’ on pp. 258-9 in WTWA; ‘Municipal Charter of a Roman Town’ on p. 264; along with ‘Great Empires Compared’ on p. 270 in WTWA.

    • Based upon this and the readings so far compare how different societies dealt with those outside of their borders.
    • What types of people could be found in the towns and how important was integration in to the society and citizenship?
    • What were cities like in early world history compared to the modern world?


    Worlds Together Worlds Apart: A Companion Reader. Third Edition, Volume I.

    Elizabeth Pollard and Clifford Rosenborg, eds., (New York and London: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., 2019).

    Prof. Angela


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