Rhetorical Analysis Write Rhetorical Analysis On Tedtalk From Adichie S Quot We

Rhetorical Analysis

Write rhetorical analysis on TedTalk from Adichie’s “We Should All Be Feminists.” Among any rhetorical techniques used by the author, you will also have consider the following:

Context: what surrounds this piece? When was it written; where was it written; who wrote it; what social/cultural considerations may need to be taken into account; how was it published and where?

Catalyst: what prompted the author to feel the need to create their piece in the first place?

Purpose: what is the goal(s) of their piece; what do they want their audience to ultimately gather from their text?

Audience: to whom, specifically, is the author addressing; who did they create the text predominantly for? Of course, audiences can vary.

Ethos: how does the author establish their own credibility in being qualified to speak on their subject(s)?

Pathos: how does the author appeal to our emotions?

Logos: Is the author’s argument logical? How is their argument organized and how is it supported? Do they draw from personal experience, sources, research, etc.?

Physical Requirements: Must be a minimum of four full and double-spaced pages. MLA formatting: 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, with last name and page number included in the top, right-hand corner of each page. A work cited page should be included (does not count towards your page count) that includes a citation for the text you chose, and any other sources used.

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