Results of Socioeconomic Factors on Weapon Related Deaths

Gun violence touches every part of our life. Weapons make it convenient to kill a human being or a group of people within a short timeframe. It is found in the research that more than two-third of the murders are firearm related (Guis 1687). Normally, common men owing guns for legitimate purposes such as self-defence, hunting, and collecting. Every year 32000 people are killed in united states due to the gun violence.
In Arab, Asian, and African countries, many people are killed due to socioeconomic factors such as scarcity of money, low standard of living, and terrorism. Alcohol consumption rate in developed countries such as America, United Kingdom and Russia is higher than the other countries, so many of the cases of drunk conflicts killing last in these nations. People argue that possession of guns is responsible for the guns related deaths, but some people say that guns are also carried for the livelihood.
In many countries, people works for the death contractors who kill and threaten people for the money and people work for them just for money to nurture their family. Money is a basic need of everyone. There are many people who are surviving with just basic needs, but they want to become rich overnight to increase their standard of living. Some people choose right paths and rest go on wrong paths. I want to argue that unemployment, poverty and alcohol consumption are reasonable for gun related deaths.
Unemployment is one of the major economic problem in many countries and it inclines the gun related deaths. When there is unemployment in the society crime rate increase. People start theft, robbery and murders in order to survive their livelihood. “Weapons are frequently wielded to achieve some emotional or material goal-to obtain money in a robbery, sexual gratification in a rape, or, more frequently, to terrify and dominate their victims in some other kind of assault” (Kleck, Mcelrath 670).
In some countries many of people do not have jobs and resources to earn money. They need jobs to nurture their children and family. They joined the gun mafias when they do not get job and start to kill people for them. Gun mafias offer them a smart amount of money which help the job seekers in their livelihood. This is one of the reason behind gun related death due to unemployment.
Lots of death accidents happen due to the over consumption of alcohol. Alcohol consumption is just not responsible for the domestic violence but also the gun related deaths. In India, rural people keep illegal weapons at homes and most of the Indian rural people do not the limit of alcohol that a normal people can consume. Those people go to house after drinking alcohol and fight with their living partners and sometime the quarrels become so much that they kill their wives. About 50 percent population of the world drink alcohol and average consumption of alcohol in the world is 6.13 liter per person every year. After drinking too much alcohol, people loose control on himself.
Most of the drunk accident happens in United State of America, because in America most of the people have gun. America’s government also motivate people to carry gun for their safety, but the gun that people carry for their safety become the cause of their deaths. Due to the fast pace of life, everybody lives in tension. People drink excessive alcohol in tension. They try to do suicide if they carry gun, because chances of suicide by gun are increased when people carry guns instead of other methods of suicides like jump from height, and fire themselves.
Apart from that by gun people get assured that they will die definitely. “Gunshot wounds are more likely to result in death than wounds inflicted by a knife” (Kleck, Mcelrath 674-675). There are chances to stay alive in other methods of suicide. That is why most of most suicide by gun. Moreover, drunk people do not eliminate themselves by gun, but also their enemies and peoples who insult them. So, alcohol consumption also increases weapon related deaths.
Poverty is the root of crimes that forces people to kill human beings. Almost half of the people in the world live on less then 2.50 dollars a day. In India, thirty percent people live below poverty line. They do not have residential places. They are compelled to live in slum areas, so to manage their livelihood, they either sort out the garbage or work for the local criminals.
They earn money by doing robberies, murders and snatchings. If they get residence units and jobs from the government then they do not need to indulge in criminal activities. It is found in the research that poor people whom age are between 18 and 24 indulge in the criminal activities rather than the other age groups. “Poverty and alcohol consumption are more closely linked to levels of firearm deaths than is absence or presence of gun control laws” (Kwon et al. 49).
In conclusion, Impecuniosity, unemployment and drug are the many difficulties that incline the gun related deaths. Unemployment and poverty force people to commit these activities. Every year, government makes gun control laws and spends money to gather the data in order to makes the laws. Instead of spending money on these laws if government install the factories and put more effort on development then these gun related deaths will stop automatically. Every year, governments allot a separate budget to eliminate the poverty, but nothing is done on poverty.
Every day new technology is being invented just to reduce the cost of the production, but nobody thinks about the jobs that that are being replaced by machines and robots. Government should control on those inventions which are not good employment market. Apart from that, government has total control over the alcohol.
Everybody knows that any kind of intoxication and alcohol is injurious for the health, then why not the government should ban it or reduce it to the minimal level. The study suggests that if resources are applied toward the socioeconomic factors such as poverty and unemployment instead of toward the punishment and regulation system, that would be batter for the overall development (Kwhan et. al 49). The gun related deaths will be decline when these issues will be solved.
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