Reply to the following discussion post (Discussion was about text and Email)

The discussion was about reading 2 pages provided then answering the following discussion prompt (Many scholars are opposed to texting and casual email. Do you feel that the language of these two types of communication have drawbacks and/or repercussions, or is it just the natural evolution of language?). I have the discussion already done. What I want from you is to reply to one of the student’s posts. The “A” student will also take time to constructively comment/critique on 1 of their peers’ work/ideas in a tactful manner, and even provide further ideas/questions for exploration. The reply is a minimum of 150 words. Repetitive responses (where a student says the same thing as a response) will not be considered for grades. Phrases not counted into the word count- “Hi Jane, I really, really, like your answer!” (or versions of the same) or “Question #6 (and then you repeat the entire question). After I assign this assignment to the tutor, I will include one of the student’s posts that you need to reply to.

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