Religion and Theology Terms

Please identify and explain in your own words the significance of the following terms as fully and succinctly as possible. Be sure to identify the religion that each term is associated with. 1. Bar Mitzvah 2. Baptism 3. Sangha 4. Qu’ran 5. Circumcision 6. Ganesha 7. Kaaba 8. Gospels 9. Samsara 10. Paul of Tarsus 11. Mahayana Buddhism 12. Trimurti 13. Martin Luther 14. Synagogue 15. Four Noble Truths 16. Five Pillars of Islam 17. Avatar 18. Arhat 19. Hijra 20. Passover 21. Bhakti 22. Impermanence 23. Rabbi 24. Shahaadah 25. Predestination In writing your answers, identify the concepts and explain them as fully as possible. Aim for approximately three sentences per term — short, one-sentence responses will not be sufficient. IMPORTANT: All submissions will be passed through anti-plagiarism software, so be sure you are submitting only your own work.

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