Rebuilding Victorias Secret Brand Image Marketing Problem Research Memorandum

identify a company with a marketing problem that marketing research can help solve. attachment with further instructions is provided. i need a 95% or better

Include a references page. The report should include at least 4 high-quality references. I do not want to see wikis or any other type of low-quality resource. Please use APA citation for both in-text citations and the references page. Please limit your use of quotations and try to paraphrase as much as possible. Please see the course libguide for details about using APA style for citations.

The reports should use Georgia font style with headings set to 14-point and text set to 11-point font size. The paragraphs should be single spaced and include no indentation on the first line. Allow for one space between paragraphs. The report must be limited to detailed 3 pages, excluding the references page.

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