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For Module 2, your summaries will synthesize your readings with reflections on your participation in your discourse community and with the course theme discourse community (branding/identity). You will compose brief summaries of the readings. As previously, your summary will: Additionally, you will work to conceptualize “discourse communities” in different (and sometimes competing) ways, to include elements you believe are crucial to a discursive or situation or community; and how the authors’ ideas contribute to your developing understanding of discourse communities and how they function. Finally, you will discuss your own experiences participating in (a) your selected discourse community and (b) the thematic content discourse community (personal branding and professional identity). The goal of explaining your experiences is to connect your actual experiences in the discourse communities to your developing understanding of the concepts and ideas you learn in the readings. Your summaries may be organized as follows: Requirements: 1-2 pp | .doc file Identify and explain the main ideas of each text Compare the main ideas of the texts to highlight the authors’ various perspectives Summary of the readings Summary of your experiences with your discourse community and/or the course theme discourse community (branding/identity) Synthesis of the concepts in the readings with your experiences that explains how your experiences illustrate concepts discussed in the reading

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