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3 INDIVIDUAL READING JOURNALS ARE NEEDED Make reading journal entries for Plato’s Crito, Harrison Bergeron, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., and Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail Below I have provided the exact journal layout that needs to be filled out for each reading. …………….. A) What you needed to learn in order to understand the text: i) Vocabulary – acknowledge and define words you do not know. ii) References – does the author use names, places, dates, or events that you do not know? Do a Google search, read about it, and paste the link into your journal. iii) Understanding the argument: a) Identify the author’s point (argument or thesis). b) Identify the author’s support for the thesis (facts and opinions). c) Does the author offer a counterargument and refutation? d) What is the author’s conclusion? e) Do you agree or disagree and why? iv) Clarification questions: having looked up the words and references that you do not know, and having re-read the passage, is there something you still do not understand? Identify your question in your journal and ask it in our discussion. v) Write a brief summary of the day’s reading in your words. B) What you needed to think about in order to use the text: Answering the first four questions in this section will help you arrive at a good discussion question. i) What are some examples of conflict from this reading? ii) How did this conflict help move the story along (plot) or help the author make his point? iii) What are the main ideas the author wants you to think about (theme)? iv) What is the author saying about the human condition? v) What is the single best open question you can ask that would start a discussion and lead to a deeper understanding of the human condition ? (Links to an external site.) vi) Write a clear, concise, one-sentence response to your own question. This is your opinion. Done properly, this is an argument/thesis. Make certain you include direct quotations with page numbers from the source readings. This is also important for our discussions. The practice will help us follow what you are talking about, and it will help both you and anyone who likes your quotation when it comes time to write your essay. Post discussion: C) Follow-up i) What did you learn about this reading from the discussion? Specifics such as page numbers and quotations are important. Requirements: fill out the outline

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