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Read the following article on the issue of how national parks in the US cope with a large number of visitors. Assume that the National Park Services want to restrict the number of visitors to Yellowstone to 3m visitors a year, which is smaller than the current record at 4.3m. They consider two policies: i. Raising the price of admissions, and ii. Setting a quota that limits the number of visits to 3m. Compare the effect of these two policies on consumer surplus and welfare. Use a graph to show which policy is superior. Document Preview:

18/04/2018 Should we limit visitors at national parks? | MNN – Mother Nature NetworkAPRIL 17, 2018Should we limit visitors at national parks?Record crowds push park service to seek new solutions.MARY JO DILONARDOAugust 3, 2017, 12:34 p.m.SaveCrowds gather around Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park. (Photo: Vlad Turchenko/Shutterstock)Summer at a national park means awe-inspiring encounters with the great outdoors. It’s the thrill of seeing wildlife and jaw-dropping vistas. However, it also means creeping for hours through crowded park roads and vying for elbow room with thousandsof other visitors who all want to enjoy the exact same nature you do.As the National Park Service celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016, record crowds packed the system’s national park sites. Morethan 331 million people visited national parks, monuments, lakeshores and more, according to the National Parks Service (NPS).That’s a whopping 23.7 million person increase from just the year before.To put that into perspective, the NPS points out: “Did you know that the national parks draw more visitors than Disney themeparks, NFL games, professional baseball, NBA, and NASCAR… combined?”So what’s the solution to sardine-packed parks? Maybe, park managers say, it might be limiting the number of visitors allowedthrough the gates.”We realize that currently we’re on an unsustainable course in terms of demands for visitation compared to the ability of thecurrent park system to handle it,” Yellowstone social scientist Ryan Atwell told the Associated Press.Yellowstone had a record year, with nearly 4.3 million people crowding the popular park. The experience wasn’t a pleasant one formany visitors who were faced with not enough bathrooms or parking spots, as well as garbage cans that spilled over with trash,according to the AP. As people stopped to view wildlife, tra

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