Read The Article The Retreat From Meat Why People In Rich Countries Are Eating More 2927166

Read the article“The retreat from meat: Why people in rich countries are eating more vegan food”. This article is provides in a separate pdf file. Your task is to prepare an economic analysis of the market for meat, focussing on beef. Specifically, you must address the following:

  1. a) Present a general model for the global market for beef, and an individual beef producer model, in long-run equilibrium. The model needs to be clearly explained.

  2. b) How might concerns for the environment, health and animal welfare be reflected in your diagram of the market for beef?

  3. c) Focusing on one of these issues, how might governments intervene to mitigate this problem? Show how this intervention will affect individual beef producers.

  4. d) Does the rise of vegetarianism and veganism have the potential to remove the need for government intervention?

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