Rasmussen College Electricity Magnetism and Light Discussion

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Connect the principles of electricity, magnetism, and light to modern applications of physics.


In a two-page paper, identify the physics principles contained within
the following scenario. Explain how these principals connect to
electricity, magnetism, or light in modern applications in physics.
Finally, consider the different concepts in which James Clerk Maxwell
did research, and give an example of one of these concepts in use in
your life. For instance, Maxwell’s research led to the development of
radio waves. If you listen to a radio, then you are using Maxwell’s
research. Provide another example from your own experience, compare, and
contrast your scenario to the provided scenario below.


Mandy took a trip to Rome, Italy. Once landed and inside the
terminal, she turned her cell phone back on, but it was not charged. She
found a charging station with a USB adaptor port. The USB was
universal, providing 5 volts in any country you were in, and a small red
LED next to her phone’s screen told her the phone was successfully
charging. This USB port seemed to have very high amperage, meaning it
charged her phone quickly. She was aware, though, that almost all of
Italy’s electricity was generated by burning fossil fuels, and thus she
was determined after this to use the portable solar charger she had
bought rather than wall electricity.

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