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Create your Artstor account with your username and password.

  1. Create your own 2 page story of silk. This is an inventive piece of creative writing intended to show me the level of your writing skills.

and to

  1. Master the basics of searching, collecting images, creating closeups and downloading a Powerpoint from Artstor to your desktop.


Choose any stop along the Silk Road and any point in history from 300 CE to 1975 for your story. Create a narrator (protagonist) whose story you are telling.

Collect 8 images plus closeup(s) in Artstor that relate to your theme and save to your Artstor folder that you have created within Artstor named ‘Silk Story’. For at least one additional slide use the zoom-in feature in Artstor to feature a detail. For example, a slide of a dress that has a silk embroidery trim that is featured in your story, you would include the slide and the next slide should be the close-up of the embroidery.

Combine your images from your image group into a Powerpoint in Artstor and download to your desktop. Label the Powerpoint document and create a title page slide in the ppt per your instruction sheet. Email me or share your powerpoint on Google drive. Upload you story in a word doc (not a pdf) to Canvas.

Your image bibliographic material is embedded in the notes section of the slide. If you do further research for your word doc, include a bibliography at the end.

For example:

Paris, 1886

Collette Binoche, the famous corsetière on the Rue St. Honoré in Paris, is preparing for her collection for 1886.(1) (a picture of a likely person who makes corsets.) She insists on the finest quality thread and silks to construct her lingerie and corsets and travels by train (2)(a silk dress she would wear either in a painting say, of a woman traveling, or a garment in a museum collection) to Lyon where she has an appointment with the renowned Monsieur Prelle who has created textiles for the boudoir of Napoleon Bonaparte (3)(the silk boudoir textile) at Versailles. She examines the quality silk thread in the colors she requires (4) pictures of skeins, swatch books etc. for 1886). She has several designs for corsets in mind, (5) (6) and (7) (examples of silk embroidered corsets.) She wishes to drape the chaise longue in her atelier with a silk shawl and on the weekend goes to the Marche au Puces, the famous Parisian flea market to find an oriental silk shawl from Canton, China (8)(picture of embroidered shawl). At last, she has everything she needs to produce her collection that she is confident will appeal to her clients from the demi-monde to the aristocracy who will all arrive at Maxim’s every evening to see and be seen.


Is your story engaging the reader?

What does the story have to do with the Silk Road?

How well do images support the story?

Is this a credible story? It requires some research on your part to ensure historical accuracy and enliven the story with period details.

Please do not describe in detail what is shown on the slide as it is clearly visible and amply described in the notes section of your ppt.

How do you know if the images are historically accurate to the presenter’s story? For example, if your story takes place in the 1880’s, you should not be including examples from future time periods.

Is the time period and place clear?

link to artstor database: https://www.ramapo.edu/library/

click on database finder

select arts

then select ARTstor

will provide username and password for database

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