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please read the chapters i attached and answer the questions in the doc file make sure to read and answer not make guessing Document Preview:

Chapter 13 education Overview On page 370 you’ll see a map that depicts the countries included in the European Union (EU)—the emphasis for this chapter’s presentation of education.  Why the European Union?  Unlike the U.S., the EU invests heavily in education and research to boost its international competitiveness and to ensure that Europeans have the skills necessary to thrive in the 21st century.  The EU is also expected to increase its political and economic position in the world, challenging the single-superpower status of the U.S.  Historically, whenever other countries have challenged the U.S.’s position, its political leaders have focused on the educational system and instituted reforms aimed at strengthening it. (page 367). This chapter focuses on a particular kind of formal education–schooling as well as the social functions of education. All of us have experienced becoming educated, or schooled however not all of our learning or experiences are the same. In a country such as ours, I believe education has taken a low road, where learning is based on how students perform on tests rather than becoming curious about how the world around them works. Philanthropist, Bill Gates argues that the U.S. system is broken; it does not embrace getting every kid to want to stay in high school and get a level of education that qualifies them for the good jobs that will be out there. There’s an acceptance of a tiering approach, where over a third of the students never graduate, and another third are trapped into a situation where they don’t have the skills that are going to give them a good lifetime outcome. So I think we owe it to the kids in the school that what we’re doing for that top third, that we try and do that for everyone. (from the interview, Bill and Melinda Gates Reflect on Need for Global Philanthropy, 12/20/2006) Visit HYPERLINK “http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/social_issues/july-dec06/gates_12-20.html” t “_blank” PBS to listen or read the interview…



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