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IMPORTANT: Follow APA style 7th Edition. Saunders book MUST be part of your literature reviewed and included on your references. Part A A client diagnosed with conductive hearing loss asks the nurse to explain the cause of the hearing problem. The nurse plans to explain to the client that this condition is caused by which problem? 1. A defect in the cochlea 2. A defect in cranial nerve VIII 3. A physical obstruction to the transmission of sound waves 4. A defect in the sensory fibers that lead to the cerebral cortex A. State your rationale. B. Expand your argument on conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss. C. Assessment of the ears includes inspection, palpation, hearing tests, vestibular assessment, and the use of an otoscope. Describe the hearing test emphasizing on Weber and Rinne tests. Part B The nurse is testing the extraocular movements in a client to assess for muscle weakness in the eyes. The nurse should implement which assessment technique to assess for muscle weakness in the eye? 1. Test the corneal reflexes. 2. Test the 6 cardinal positions of gaze. 3. Test visual acuity, using a Snellen eye chart. 4. Test sensory function by asking the client to close the eyes and then lightly touching the forehead, cheeks, and chin. A. State your rationale. B. Describe physical assessment techniques for muscle weakness in the eyes. C. Assessment of the eyes includes inspection, palpation, vision-testing procedures, and the use of an ophthalmoscope. Describe Snellen chart test, confrontation test, and Ishihara test.

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