Purdue University Implicit Association Test Personal Reflection Discussion

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Steps: 1. Visit Project Implicit: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html. Implicit Association Tests (IATs) try to measure the test-taker’s implicit bias. What is the difference between implicit and explicit bias? Does someone with implicit bias against a group necessarily have explicit bias?

2. Take the Race IAT. What was your result? What was your reaction to your results when you saw them? Do you think they were accurate? Explain why you felt this way. Note: We are asking you to be honest about any implicit biases you may have, but we want you to be inquisitive about them. Where do those biases come from? Are they fair?

3. Provide an argument defending the IAT as a good way to measure implicit bias. Then, provide an argument against the IAT’s ability to measure implicit bias. (These arguments must be based on test design; the FAQs page is a good place to learn about how the test works: https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/faqs.html)

4. Revise your draft.  Check: does each paragraph express one clear idea? Do you tell the reader what that idea is in a topic sentence?  Print your draft and read it out loud to help you identify spots where the language or ideas could be clearer.  Ask a friend or relative who is NOT in this class to proofread your essay. If you have someone read over your essay, please mention who did so at the end of your essay, e.g. “My friend Carla read my essay.”  If you read outside of the https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicitwebsite to assist you with this assignment, please cite it using the format of your choice.

More detials of requirements are in the pdf file.

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