Purdue University Global Effective Use of Chosen Reinforcers Discussion

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PART 1: 350 word minimum

Identify and describe each of the four principles associated with the effective use of chosen reinforcers. Please be sure to include all four. Additionally, reference an example from your personal or professional life in which you attempted to use reinforcement to modify a behavior, but the procedures did not work. Describe how the individual violated these procedures that contributed to the ineffectiveness of the procedure. Discuss how the individual selected the reinforcer, including any possible issues with the reinforcer chosen. For example, you might describe how your spouse gave an allowance at the end of a week to your child when he did his chores but that, when your spouse changed his allowance to every other week, there was a decrease in chore compliance. Be sure to discuss an example that is not previously discussed by your peers.

PART 2: a paragragh

identify concepts related to unconditioned reinforcement, and discriminating between positive and negative reinforcement. For this journal topic you will write a paragraph summarizing the concepts of reinforcement presented within the assigned modules.

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