Purdue University Analyzing a Biology Lab Report Memorandum

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Here is the description for Project 2: Memorandum. I have also attached a sample memo and a checklist for your review and convenience. Please be aware that this sample memo shows a 1-page document, and our course requires you to complete a 2-page memo.

Please follow these instructions when submitting drafts to OWL’s Canvas wiki site:

Step 1:

Read the guidelines within each Assignment wiki thoroughly before starting your draft. Pay close attention to due dates for each assignment. Remember: Drafts are due to OWL on specific weeks prior to Sunday 11:59 p.m. EST.

Step 2:

Compose your essay draft. Please include the following information on your first page:

  • Your first and last name
  • Professor’s last name/course number
  • Date
  • Title of draft

Step 3:

Save your draft as a separate document in .DOC., .DOCX, or .RTF file format. Include your last name and topic keyword within the filename. (e.g., Jones-PersonalNarrative.docx)

Step 4:

Complete the Critical Self-reflection for every assignment.

Step 5:

Click the appropriate Assignment wiki, the one with the title of the essay assignment.

Step 6:

Click the “add a new page” button and upload the file of your essay. Your OWL Writing Specialist will return a Letter of Analysis (LOA) for your draft within 4 days of the submission due date. S/he will post the LOA under the Viewer Comments section of the new page you added to submit your draft.

Step 7:

Review the Writing Specialist’s LOA carefully, and revise the draft using strategies and recommendations provided in the LOA.

Prof. Angela


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